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Jacket for SeAL Target GeronimoOn May 2, 2011, at 1:03 a.m. in Pakistan, a satellite uplink was sent from the town of Abbottabad crackling into the situation room of the White House in Washington, D.C.: “Geronimo, Echo, KIA.” These words, spoken by a Navy SEAL, put paid to Osama bin Laden’s three-decade-long career of terror.
SEAL Target Geronimo is the story of Bin Laden’s relentless hunters and how they took down the terrorist mastermind, told by Chuck Pfarrer, a former assault element commander of SEAL Team Six and author of the bestselling Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy SEAL. After talking to members of the SEAL team involved in the raid, Pfarrer shares never-before-revealed details of the historic raid and the men who planned and conducted it in an exclusive boots-on-the-ground account of what happened during each minute of the mission— both inside the building and outside.
Pfarrer takes readers inside the operation as the SEALs flew over the wall of Bin Laden’s shabby, litter-strewn compound and then penetrated deeper and deeper into the terrorist’s lair, telling us just what it looked, sounded, and smelled like in that sweltering Pakistani suburb. He takes us out to the
courtyard to witness the near-disaster of the malfunctioning helicopter and brings us to the exact spot where the al-Qaeda leader was cowering when the bullet entered his head. SEAL Target Geronimo is an explosive story of unparalleled valor, clockwork military precision, and deadly accuracy carried out by the most elite fighting force in the world—the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six.

Order SEAL Target Geronimo Now

SEAL Target Geronimo will be available in bookstores November 8, 2011. Pre-order today in hardcover, unabridged CD or eBook directly from St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan. Also available for pre-order in hardcover or Kindle e-Book editions at
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  1. Congrats! I am very happy for you!

  2. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  3. Can’t wait to read the book! I’m glad that our equipment worked well for you and that you were able to return safely from your travels.

  4. Chuck,
    You are a superlative writer. You probably already know, but the Marine landing in Lebanon in 1958 was substantially in response to the overthrow of the king in Iraq.
    Also, Ronald Reagan wrote in his autobiography, An American Life, that while the Challenger explosion was the most difficult day of his presidency, the Beirut Marine barracks bombing was the saddest day of his life.
    Few have read Reagan’s autobiography because the political book that got all the play the year An American Life was published was Millie’s Book by Barbara Bush.

    Thank you for a great book (Warrior Soul).

  5. Hi,

    I am grateful someone had the decency to tell the truth. It is a scarce commodity in politics. Thank you and the Team!
    How would I go about getting the team and yourself to sign a copy for my personal small collection? If nothing else could I get one signed if I shipped to you with return postage covered?

  6. Thanks for your interest. Things have taken off quite quickly and we are still working out details of how to get people autographed books. It may happen through this website, so stay tuned.

    • Hello, I am also interested in an autographed copy. Willing to pay more than the usual book price. Willing to pay it as a donation/contribution. :) please let me know.

  7. Dear Chuck..

    With all due respect, that never happened. It is sad to see that you could stoop so low as to write something like this without doing a single shred of research. My Gosh soldier, you are in a very bad place and I feel sorry for you. Nothing could be further from the reality. Bin Laden had been dead for over 7 years. This imaginary raid was what? the 4th time they killed him? I am not going to get into it with you, I have too much respect for your accomplishments not as a writer, rather as a soldier. All I will say is, it’s very sad to see a Seal writing such nonsense without doing the proper research.

    Good day..

    Michael A Becker

  8. Nicely done old friend. I am watching with great interest the media attention as this unfurls. You held your own quite well on Fox & Friends this morning too. Stay well and by the way, can I use Becker’s comments for stand-up comedy?


  9. Congratulations and thank you for saying what has to be said. There is far to much “form over function” in the made-for-TV world that our political leaders live in today. Truth is what is pure, and the truth needs to be told.

    Thank you for being strong enough and bold enough to take on such an emotionally charged event in the lives of all Americans.

    Stand tall. Be proud.

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