Expanded Geronimo Out in Paperback September 11

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Jacket for SeAL Target GeronimoSeal Target Geronimo comes out in an extensively expanded paperback edition, Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Even if you have the hardcover version, this one is worth a buy. Three new chapters and two more greatly expanded ones cover new and detailed information, much of it from previously classified sources and resulting from author Chuck Pfarrer’s extensive research in the year since the raid. Information came from newly declassified documents captured in the raid and processed by the Counter Terrorism Center at West Point.  Key to the new chapters was the independent investigation conducted by Pakistani Brigadeer General (Ret) Shukat Qadir, who interviewed military and ISI personnel as well as debriefing eyewitness and undertaking a guided tour of the bin Laden residence hours after the raid.

The new material includes detailed information on:

  • Bin Laden’s exact locations for the ten years he was on the run in Pakistan and the locations and travel patterns of Bin Laden’s wives and children during the same period.
  • The locations of Ayman Zawahiri and Mullah Omar.
  • An analysis of declassified papers taken by ST6 from Abbottabad
  • Al Qaeda’s planned attack on the Pakistani nuclear weapons facility at Kahuta
  • Al Qaeda’s plan to use poison gas in Yemen (from a letter dated six days before OBL’s death)
  • Information taken from an independent Pakistani investigation of the raid to include previously unknown details of CIA’s pre-mission reconnaissance
  • The code name of Dr. Shekel Afridi’s CIA controller and details about the “Hepatitis Screening Program” that eventually located Bin Laden
  • New details about Al Qaeda’s kidnapping of an Iranian diplomat to trade for Khairee bin Laden (Wife #1) who was being held in Tehran and details of Bin Laden’s detailed planning for the transfer of his wife after the prisoner exchange with the Iranians.
  •  New details on CIA’s phone call to the compound two nights before the raid
  • Information obtained during Pakistan’s nearly year long interrogation of Bin Laden’s surviving wives and children
  • Information from the Pakistani first responders who entered the compound only minutes after the helicopters left.
  • Connecting the dots on who the US closed in after the arrival of Khairee bin Laden, as well as the capture of Bali Bomber Umer Patik in Abbottabad a mere four months prior to the raid
  • Eye witness testimony about the raid from Osama Bin Laden’s widows and children, as well as Pakistani neighbors who saw the entire raid.
  • Confirmation from eye witnesses who saw the helicopter crash, confirming it happened in the middle of the operation and not at the beginning.
  • Details about Pakistani fighters who were scrambled and nearly shot down the US helicopters as they retreated.
  • More details about the “special access” granted to filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and writer  Mark Boal who are completing a film about the hunt for Bin Laden. This information is confirmed by Freedom of Information Act requests that show DoD and White House emails confirming that the two SONY Studios filmmakers were give the names of ST6 operators unlawfully.

And there is much more, including information that following the November 2011 “Border Incident” in which US Special Operations Forces killed 20 Pakistani soldiers, Pakistan moved surface to air missiles to the Afghan Border.  The source for this information was Pakistani and all of it has been cross-referenced.

It’s fascinating stuff and offers even more insight into what happened before the raid, during the raid and as a result of the raid. Pre-order your paperback or e-book version today.

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  1. Chuck,

    I wanted to express my gratitude to you of writing this book. It was a great read and it is of my sound opinion that this book contains the truth behind the actual raid to kill Mr. Osama bin Laden. I am a 10 year veteran of the United States Army, and spent two rotations through Iraq. I came upon your interview you did with Jim Bohannon on September 20th, 2012 while you discussed your book, and the facts behind it. Once I arrived home I ordered the Paperback version immediately and have read it cover to cover. Exceptional work. Thank you for writing it and I support you 200 percent. I hope to talk with you or shake your hand some day.

    Steven Lucius Beach II
    Former SGT, United States Army

  2. I have read both books, Warrior Soul as well as recently Target Geronimo. I read the 2nd book because of the first. The SEAL operators I was blessed to have known in the eighties were a lot as you described in soul so I thought it would be a good read. The book was in parts but many parts were a disappointment and seemed to be a continuation of the same ol politics and what is behind the criticism of the current President. Maybe you’re spending time in Michigan with that Ted Nugent fella. Not that I agree with everything any of the Presidents have done including one of the better ones Ronald Reagan. The Beirut thing was just a cluster! I read warrior soul and thought this person is above that. I worked in the coal mines before I meet SEALS. I liked who I was as a man meant more than my race. That was how it was in the coal mines. Death and taxes Father would say, as he told me when fighting WWII when not fighting the Japanese he had to fight the racism of the time. The screams of BANZI! Coming from the hills at night put it all in prospective as to white southerners, best friend got into a fist fight as to who would share his fighting hole. This President used SEALs instead of the clowns in DELTA something to be said there. The main bone to pick is what appears to be a hard on for Israel in particular Menachem Begin. You begin with a lot of facts I’ll grant you but some facts and not all is like a math problem with part of the math missing will guarantee a incorrect conclusion. You seem to forget that JEWs have occupied that land since before Christ. That they had been forced out of there land by the Persians and were occupied by the Romans. As far as how brutal one needs be to get squatter off the land that belongs to you? Well just think of the kinds of people they were dealing with, I bet after the Holocaust they were tired of being on the wrong side of an ass kicking.
    As far as the press being told about the MOB in Target Geronimo…. Please, the Afghans have been fighting for years. I am sure if a goat herder see’s sign he KNOWS the Navy SEALS (any team or platoon) or British SAS are in his back yard . If he sees a 47 with a long prong he knows any number of SF types have come to play from Rangers, Marine Force recon to British Royal Marines or Delta. You wrote; “now we know who you are” trust me they knew. Maybe not about MOB 6 but when they take aim at a 47 it’s an opportunity, they aren’t checking the manifest.
    Benghazi, doesn’t matter if the President says it was terror or not though I watched the speech and he did. Too me is why they called for help and none came, the Republicans are as much the blame. They were a part of base closings against the recommendation of the Military. I want to know why we inserted 4 SEALS on a SR with no QRF on standby, or needing an officer to OK the move to extract. Oh then there’s the debacle in operation Anaconda and Roberts ridge officer incompetence.

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