Pfarrer: Bissonnette Did NOT Shoot Bin Laden

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from Human Events siteAfter watching the former Navy SeAL who claims he shot Bin Laden interviewed on 60 minutes, Chuck Pfarrer, based on his extensive knowledge of the raid, came to the conclusion that Matt Bissonnette could not have been on the initial raid. He made that pronouncement to Neil W. McCabe of Human Events. The article includes detailed schematics of the helicopter crash trajectory and the layout of the compound, which Pfarrer says contradict Bissonnette’s account of events. Pfarrer says those and other inconsistencies in Bissonnette’s interview, and in Bissonnette’s book No Easy Day, leave him “unconvinced” that Bissonnette was part of the first strike team.

Read the full article, an exclusive interview released September 10, 2012, here.

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  1. I found your website to inquire about the discrepancies between your book about the killing of Osama and No Easy Day. I find your points interesting in regard to Bissonnette’s, but I do not recall his claiming to have “shot Osama” or the son, since he entered the main building after the others. However, Bissonnette states that Osama was shot as he stuck his head out of the doorway, not while he was in his bedroom. As for the helicopter crash, perhaps he was covering for the pilots, since his crash was at the beginning of the attack not at the conclusion.

    With all that said, I did find your information about Osama bin Laden’s background and his relationship with Zawahiri facinating, and as you looked at the “other side” I could see the events of this week more clearly. Also, I can now more clearly see the ineptitude of our leaders who continue to glorify themselves and fail/opt not to recognize our enemy.

    Perhaps SEAL Team six will get Zawahiri next, although it sounds as if he might just have killed his golden goose.

    I am absolutely all in for the SEALS and what they stand for. Their personal integrity and honor make most of our ‘leaders’ look like whining mama’s boys.

    Thank you for SEAL Target Geronimo!

    Janet Oliver

    • Hi Janet ,

      Just for the record, Matt Bissonnette did say that he shot Bin Laden Once he was in the bedroom he pumped a few more rounds into his chest.

  2. I interviewed Mr. Pfarrer for the New York Daily News for a film section feature about war movies shortly before the publication of his superb memoir “Warrior Soul.” I read and admired “SEAL Target Geronimo” and I’m looking forward to the updated paperback edition.

    Chuck, I hope you’re doing well. Keep writing. Best regards, Justine.

  3. Chuck

    I read your book, “SEAL Target Geronimo” shortly after the raid. Among other “SEAL” books I’ve read it’s hard to grasp all the interesting stories and amazing facts you could cramm in these amount of pages.
    I also bought the book “Fearless” which I’ll read after re-reading your book again.
    BTW, just to let you know, after hearing about the Navy SEALS that went down from an RPG in 2011 and finding out that Brian Bill also lived in my town, I felt I had to take off from work and attend the wake and the funeral. Even though I didn’t know him, I felt “part of the family”.

    Thanks..”for everything”

    Dan Lhotan

  4. Hi Chuck. Just reading TGT Geronimo. Amazingly detailed and excellent historical facts regarding how we’ve ended up in 2012. I have a bit of a background and also agree that there is no way that airframe crashed on INFIL. The concept of then breaching a wall, fighting UP three stories and being in a prolonged firefight is ridiculous. Your take with the primary EP via the roof gives many guaranteed EP once on the roof. Of course there would have been alternates but the official line …. no way. I also noted on an interview your comment regarding the Christian asset (terp) being unable to fast rope. (I wouldn’t have allowed him on the Operation if I was the OVERALL) I have to wonder why we would even need a terp on a fastball like this given the internal ability that exists within SF.

    Keep up the great work Brother in Arms.

  5. Hey Chuck, I read your book & then saw the movie- “Zero Dark Thirty”
    Very obviously the way the raid was conducted differs when you compare your book to the movie. Can I have your comments on the movie?
    I do understand that while your book focussed on the SEALs, the movie is more focussed on the CIA effort — but I would be keen to hear your remarks.

  6. Enjoyed “Seal Target Geraonimo” (First Ed., Nov 2011). On page 46 you mention that Gaddafi claimed his adopted stepdaughter was killed in Operation El Dorado Canyon, with the disclaimer “that’s unlikely”.

    I believe it has been reported his ‘dead’ stepdaughter surfaced, alive and well. I assume you know this already. If not, Google “Libya: Gaddafi’s daughter is alive, working as a doctor” (Daily Mail, Aug 27, 2011), “Col Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter Hana ‘still alive” (Telegraph, Aug 10, 2011) and if satisfied with the results you might want to make a slight update in any future editions.

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