Some impressive reviewers — writers who know their history, their writing and their seas — are giving high praise to Chuck Pfarrer’s Philip Nolan: The Man Without a Country.

From David Freed, Pulitzer Prize Winner, and author of the Cordell Logan mysteries:

“Move over, Patrick O’Brian. Chuck Pfarrer knows the sea intimately, fathoms the American past with the keenest of eyes, and writes with a lyrical authenticity rarely found in modern historical fiction. Philip Nolan is an engaging, epic masterpiece.”

From Evan Thomas, author of John Paul Jones and Sea of Thunder:

In early 19th century America, a man’s honor could be worth more than life itself. In this rousing novel, Chuck Pfarrer gives us a hero who loses his country but not his honor. A gripping, imaginative treatment of a famous old tale—it will pull you in and carry you to its bittersweet end.”

From George C. Daughan, author of 1812: The Navy’s War and Revolution on the Hudson: New York City and the Hudson River Valley in the American War of Independence.

“Anyone interested in an unforgettable tale from the age of fighting sail should read this book. Chuck Pfarrer transforms Edward Everett Hale’s classic short story ‘The Man without a Country’ into a spellbinding high-seas adventure that’s impossible to put down.”

Read more advanced praise at Edelweiss. Visit the Edelweiss page here.

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